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our challenge.

First port of call for all
who are facing violations of their rights.


We are a non-governmental organization dedicated to protecting and collectively exercising your rights.

Zavod KOLEKTIV 99, kolektivno varstvo in uveljavljanje pravic, je nevladna
organizacija, namenjena varstvu in kolektivnemu uveljavljanju pravic posameznic in
posameznikov z najrazličnejših področij našega vsakdana.

We are paying close attention to the following key areas of activity and life of each of us:

  • varstvu pravic potrošnikov v najširšem pomenu;
  • protection of workers rights, rights of other employees and self-employed persons
  • protection of our environmental rights, with particular focus on our constitutional right to a healthy living environment.
    do zdravega življenjskega okolja.


Collective exercise of the rights of individuals.

Apple Case

Vložili smo kolektivno tožbo zoper podjetje Apple Inc zaradi suma izvajanja nepoštenih in zavajajočih poslovnih praks v zvezi z upočasnjenim delovanjem naprav Apple Iphone 6, 6 plus, 6s plus, SE, 7 in 7 plus, zaradi posodobitev operacijskega sistema iOS z verzijami 10, 10.1.1, 10.2.1 in 11.2, ki se je zelo verjetno odrazilo v škodi, ki je nastala potrošnikom in lastnikom navedenih naprav.

Guess Case

Companies Guess?, Inc., Guess? Europe, B.V. and Guess Europe Sagl. (»Guess«) have, at least from January 1st, 2014 until October 31st, 2017, by way of various contractual obligations with their distributors in 27 EU countries, restricted competition on wholesale and retail markets of clothing and accessories for women, men and children. European Commission established that the retail prices of products in Slovenia were 5-10% higher in comparison to Western Europe in consequence of Guess’ actions. As it is highly likely that Slovenian consumers were harmed by Guess’ conduct, KOLEKTIV 99 is working intensively on preparation of a class action lawsuit against Guess for damages incurred by consumers due to Guess’ anticompetitive actions.

Zadeva Floor (Euribor)

V imenu slovenskih potrošnikov smo dvanajstim slovenskim bankam posredovali poziv, da nemudoma prenehajo s t.i. “Floor” prakso in “Floor” klavzulami, večletno prakso bank, da pri računanju spremenljive kreditne obrestne mere s pribitkom Euriborju ravnajo, kot da je ta enak 0,0 %, ta pa je v resnici že od leta 2015 negativen. Tako so si banke v zadnjih letih prilastile koristi negativnih vrednosti Euriborja, in to na račun prikrajšanih potrošnikov, brez pravne podlage ali na podlagi ničnih pogodbenih klavzul. Zaradi tega je KOLEKTIV 99 banke tudi pozval, da kreditojemalcem povrnejo prikrajšanje, skupaj z zakonskimi zamudnimi obrestmi.


Why join a
class action lawsuit?

A class action enables an individual to access the court even in cases where it would otherwise not be worthwhile. As a rule, you will not incur any costs by joining a class action. Activities in the dispute are wholly undertaken by KOLEKTIV 99 which keeps you informed about the developments and final result. Moreover, such disputes influence the legal system as a whole and represent a form of pressure on economic entities.


How are
class actions conducted:

Opt-in disputes,

In case of an opt in system an individual has to explicitly declare that he or she is joining the group exercising its rights collectively. This will be possible by filling out a form on Kolektiv 99 website.

Opt-OUT disputes,

In case of an opt-out system individuals with certain common characteristics are, as a rule, included in the group unless they declare within a certain period and in the prescribed manner that they do not want to be a part of the group and do not wish to participate in an individual class action.

Exercise your rights.

Class action lawsuits are currently divided into five legal areas.

Exercise your rights.

Report a violation.

Do you believe that your rights may have been infringed upon or that you were harmed but are not completely sure? We have prepared brief presentation of individual areas with some typical cases of conduct that could cause harm to an individual or infringe upon individual’s rights.

Področje varstva potrošnikov ikona


Consumer protection violations.

Področje konkurence ikona


Violations of rules on competition and abuses of position.

Področje finance ikona


Financial instruments market violations.

Področje delovskih pravic ikona


The rights of workers and other employed ans self-employed persons.

Področje okoljevarstva ikona


Rights in the clean environment area
and environmental accidents


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